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April 10, 2013
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First day of school. Normally this would be a great day for you, because you would see all your friends and catch up on everything. They didn’t care or even bother to keep in touch, after you had to move away for family reasons. It was a hard lesson for you to learn; popularity did not mean friends. You did not know what to expect from this school... you didn’t know anyone and it’s the last school year so everyone has likely already made friends. Sighing, you realise that you will probably be alone for the year... you were done with the popular crowd, and you didn’t think you would fit in with the smarter students, or even take the bullying they would receive... even if you felt you deserved your own medicine. At least the school looks nice, and the teachers have all smiled at me... none of them look scary You sigh and enter the classroom to see where you will sit, or who you would even sit with. Stepping in, everyone looks at you, making you extremely self-conscious. Smiling weakly, you find the bag rack and place yours at a spare space and attempt to analyse and see who everyone belongs with... the guys being loud and leering at you must be the popular guys... the girls staring daggers at you, apparently already seeing you as a rival to the guys, were the popular bitches... the other girls who didn’t pay any attention to you were the non-popular girls... and the guys who seemed to be talking about Dr Who and the assignments for the year were the smart guys. Yet... there was you felt was odd... as if you were being watched, but not hostility or lust... but... something else. You look around, trying to see who it was. Then, you saw him.

He was an outcast, clearly. He seemed to be invisible, the way his presence was being overshadowed by the prominent groups in the class. He seemed shocked, and extremely shy, when you caught him staring at you. Since you were in the popular group at your old school, you were pretty, and could also tell who belonged where. But he didn’t belong with any of them... making him the invisible outcast. In the matter of seconds it took to gather your books for the class, you had seen and noted everyone and their groups. It was the moment to choose where you would go... and you decided that the guy who noticed you, yet was alone, needed company. You ignored the popular guys who were whistling at you, and walked past them. You ignored the popular bitches that were seemingly waiting for you to bow in submission to them. You walked past the rest of the class, and sat next to the lonely guy. His face showed complete surprise. He had blonde hair, and bluish-purple eyes hiding behind glasses. He also had a really cute curl in front of his face. You smiled and nervously said ‘Uh hello, my name is _____... do you mind if I sit here?’

He seemed to not know what to say, it was as if you had startled him to the point of speechlessness, just because you were talking to him. After a moment, he seemed to realise that you had asked him a question, which wasn’t rhetorical. ‘O-oh! Y-yes... I’m Matthew. It is nice to meet you _____... but... why sit next to me? I mean...’ he quietly said, seemingly flustered. So that is why he is alone... even though he is cute, he has glasses and his voice is small, and he must have been too shy to join the smart guys... You smile and say simply ‘I don’t want to be a bitch... and I doubt I could be friends with the other girls... besides, you seemed so lonely. And it’s nice to meet you too.’ He thinks for a moment, almost as if he is wary of you, but he soon decides that you were being honest and smiles in return. ‘Th-thankyou... _____...’ he replies. Maybe... I won’t be alone this year.

~~~Later that day~~~

After talking with Matthew you realise the extent of his invisibility to the rest of the school. He didn’t have friends, he did have a brother but he didn’t pay much attention to Matthew, and even the teachers forgot he was there often. It was now lunch and you were feeling rather ravenous after all of the nervousness you felt earlier. The other guys seemed shocked at your decision to sit with the invisible guy, and the bitches pretended not to care that you didn’t even acknowledge their existence. ‘Hey Matthew, were do you sit for lunch?’ you ask, with the accompanying growl of your hungry tummy. He laughs softly at your embarrassment of your loud stomach and replies ‘I like to sit under the maple trees... would you like to join me?’ You nod and you both walk over to the bench under the maple trees. ‘So why do you like sitting here?’ you mumble munching on a sandwich. ‘I like the maple trees, especially in autumn... it reminds me of my home in Canada, when I used to live there.’ Oh so he is Canadian! That would also explain the slight accent... and why he doesn’t appear to mind the cold... brrrr... You finish your sandwich and smile. ‘That pretty cool... no pun intended. Matthew, would you mind if I called you Canada? Um... it’s because back when I was a kid and before popularity and stuff, I used to call my only friend by the country she was from... and you’re my only friend now... oh! But... that is... if you don’t mind of course.’ Shyly looking away, you mumble the last words.

He was quiet for a while, so you turned to look at him and see his reaction. He was... crying?! ‘Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it in a bad way it’s just-’ you stop talking as he quickly shakes his head. ‘N-no. I’m not crying because of that. I’ve never had a friend before... you really think of me as your friend?’ he asks quietly. You realise just how lonely he must have been, if you’re his first friend... you thought that he would have already had a friend, considering how nice he was... but he had never had a friend, all through his life. You sadly smile and give him a hug. He was really warm considering the cold. You nod into his shoulder and release him blushing. ‘Yep! So... can I call you Canada?’ you ask. He smiles and blushes, mumbling ‘Yes... I would like that.’
For a friend~ Oh, and I know that there isnt any... romancy fluff yet, but im thinking of having another chapter, for the relationship fluff, and then the final for lemony fluffyness xD sooo.... part 1 of 3 ^^


So I has been editing some of ye olde fanfictions, adding piccies, changing titles and italics... and links... I didn't know how to devianart back then xD so! 
Piccie belongs to :iconforgotten-maple-leaf: whoIdidn'taskforpermissionbutjustgotsongoogle
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