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April 10, 2013
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It’s just been exam week, and chaotic as a blizzard. You have no idea how Matthew, who you call Canada, managed all by himself. The thought of having to deal with all of the school assessments and the usual taunts by the bitches and the constant annoyance of the popular guys all by yourself would utterly horrify you. But, through the blizzard of the week, you had your little heater Canada for warmth. He made going to school worth it, and helped you with the homework often. After that first day, you were both the best of friends, always talking and laughing quietly, sitting underneath the maple trees. You also had the same classes too: Math, English, Art, Hospitality and French. You were surprised at first to know that he knew French, but since you were learning French and often struggled with it, you were definitely glad Canada did, because without his tutoring, you would have definitely failed French. He loved Art and was a surprisingly good cook too, and while he was quiet and shy, the art he created seemed to show so much emotion, he was the top of the Art class, to say the least. You were the close second, since you also really loved art, and afterschool you and Canada would do art stuff in the art room. So, it wasn’t long before you fell in love with him. But... you weren’t sure if he felt the same, considering how shy he is. That didn’t matter though; you loved to be around him... even as best friends.

It’s the last day of school before the holidays, and since the other teachers didn’t care, and because the art teacher said you and Canada were always allowed to, you both were spending it in the art room. Most of the students in Art were girls, yet there were a few boys. Even so, since almost everyone doesn’t attend the last day, you both had the room to yourselves. Canada was busy using watercolours of a maple tree. His art book is treasured by him and he doesn’t let you look at it for some reason, but he loves to do maple leaves, and snow. You were in the middle of a little surprise for Canada... a cute watercolour of Canada in a fluffy coat, with goggles, and a polar bear companion. It was going really well, and you were hiding it the best you could so that Canada wouldn’t notice... since it was a surprise after all. ‘Hey Canada... when can I have a look at your art book? I’ll show you mine...’ you teasingly ask. ‘Uh... maybe... maybe... after I’ve finished this. Maybe.’ He replies, blushing. What is in that art book that not even I’m allowed to look at? I’m so damn curious!!! Oh. Maybe nudes? That could be it... You shrug and decide to steal a look later. You walk over to see how the watercolour maple trees are going, and as usual it’s absolutely beautiful. Canada notices that you are looking at it and smiles. ‘You can have it if you want _____...’ he says quietly.

You squeal in delight and give him a hug. This is the first artwork that he has offered to give you, and you think of the perfect place to put it too. YAY!!!
He seems really happy with your reaction and laughs softly. You almost skip back to where you were making the chibi Canada. ‘Oh? Hey... _____! I need that colour back... please.’ You giggle at him and reply ‘One moment!’ There! Now it is finished! You take the artwork and hide it behind you, and take the watercolours of orange, red and brown back to Canada. ‘Thankyou...’ he says absentmindedly. You sit next to him and wait for him to notice, as whenever he is in the middle of doing art, he gets really focused and hardly notices his surroundings. You often have to drag him out of the classroom when it’s the end of art class. He seems to be completely out of it though, so after 18 minutes of watching him, he finally notices that your there.

Blushing, he jumps in his seat and seems surprised that you were there without warning. ‘_-_____! How long were you sitting there?’ he asks. Laughing, you say ‘Oh, not long... only 18 minutes...’ He seems utterly shameful that he didn’t notice you for so long. He looks so cute like that! You playfully shove him and smile. You reveal the watercolour chibi Canada you made for him with a ‘Ta-da!!!’ His eyes widen and he gently takes it. You look to see his reaction but his head is lowered and his hair is covering his face. He places it next to the maple tree watercolour. His head is still down and you begin to feel worried. ‘Um... Canada? Are you-!’ Canada suddenly crash-tackles you in a massive hug, but since you were taken completely by surprise you both fall to the floor. ‘Ow.’ You start rubbing the back of your head after it hit the floor. Canada, utterly shocked, seems to forget that he is on you and instead apologises profusely that you have to ruffle his hair for him to stop. ‘It’s okay Canada! I’m alright. But... what do you think of the chibi you?’ you say almost laughing. Canada looks at you in silence for a moment, and then realises that he is on top of you. His entire face goes bright red and he quickly scrambles to get off you. Awww... I thought he wouldn’t notice... He offers a hand to help you up, which you accept and get gently lifted from the floor. Still blushing, he whispers ‘It... I really like it... thank you _____... umm... if you want, you can look at my art book. But only if you promise to not get mad. Okay?’ You smile and fix the chairs, to go and sit again. ‘I don’t think anything you do will get me mad Canada.’ You laugh and smile. Canada gives you his art book, and then hides with the chibi watercolour. You look at him confused, but shrug it off. You open the book... and turn to the first page. ... What!?!

Page after page after page... and instead of polar bears, snow, maple trees and pancakes, every page... is you. The first page is you smiling. The second page you are eating a sandwich. The third page you are reading a book. Each page is of you, doing different things, with different expressions, and different surroundings. And each of them is so detailed and utterly beautiful, you are completely lost for words. A few of them are even in colour, and your (e/c) eyes are captured stunningly and your (h/c) hair is amazing. You can understand how he thought you might be mad... but above all else you are touched and utterly happy. So happy that you start to cry, unaware that Canada was nervously watching your reaction. ‘_____? Why are you crying? Please don’t be upset...’ he slowly walks towards you and takes the art book. ‘C-Canada... when? How? They are so beautiful... why?’ you look into his eyes and realise that from the beginning... Canada loves you too. He looks at you confused, not sure if you’re upset or happy. ‘I made them... because you’re beautiful... and whenever I had spare time I guess... do you like them? You’re not upset?’ he asks while clutching the art book.

You just smile and give him a small kiss on the cheek. ‘I really like them. And I am so far from being upset. I am so happy... thankyou Matthew. I love you more than maple syrup.’ you blush and kiss him again, but gently on his lips. Canada was already bright red when you kissed him on the cheek, but when you said his name, and then kissed him again; he was extremely red, and utterly adorable. He was just like a heater, making you all warm. Canada was unable to say anything, so he hugged you and held you close. ‘Um... moi aussi j’aime...’ he whispers. You giggle at the French, apparently too shy to say it in English. The bell rings, and you both jump. ‘Canada, do you want to do some more art at my place?’ you ask innocently. He appears to have calmed down a bit, but has a really cute smile. ‘Y-yes _____.’ He says. You both quickly clean up the room then walk out to the holidays holding hands.
yay for part 2!!! its really fluffy~ i was told by a canadian expert that Canada is a good cook, loves art, is like a heater, and can speak french... usually when really happy :D anyways, hope you enjoy ^^


So I has been updating my old fanfictions to has italics and piccies and titles and links because I didn't know how to deviantart back then xD 
Piccie is not mine! Ifounditongooglehehehe
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