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“Yes, thank you! This looks fantastic, I’m sure he will love it! See you!” you said to the storekeeper as you left the shop. Heheheh Mattie is going to have a surprise~ You giggled as you walked back to your car, putting the ‘special present’ in the back seat. “So all I have left to do is get the cake. Then, everything will be complete, and a certain sexy Canadian will have a lovely birthday! I can’t wait!” Doing a little happy dance of excitement before getting in the car, you finally after a huge day of planning and shopping, you went to the last stop before home.

~~~ Tiny timeskip ~~~

Walking into the cake shop, known for being the best cake shop for miles around, you took a deep breath, enjoying all the yummy sweet smells engulfing you. “Hello~! How can I help you today?” asked the rather happy strawberry blonde guy with the name tag Ollie. “Hi, I made an order for the Maple cake, under the name _____, and I’m here to pick it up!” you asked smiling. “Ooooh! The rich maple cake with a hint of cream, perfectly cooked pancake base, the maple leaf frosted decoration, and the words ‘Happy Birthday Mattie’?! I had such fun cooking that, I rarely get anything different to boring chocolate cake, and the pancake base was a stroke of genius!” Ollie said as he went to the back of the shop to get the cake. As he walked back in, his blue eyes almost sparkling, he gently placed the box on the counter, and showed you the cake. Oh wow, I cannot believe he made so many little frosted maple leaves; it looks like a pile of delicious autumn leaves had covered the entire cake! “In fact, I had such fun making this that I would feel bad charging you for it. Besides, that smile of yours is payment enough~ Say happy birthday to him for me, and please come again!” You almost couldn’t believe it, but his genuine grin and honest eyes told you otherwise. “Thanks so much Ollie, this cake is absolutely beautiful! I’ll be sure to let him know. See you next time!” you waved as you left, completely missing the mischievous smirk from the blonde Englishman.

~~~ The next day (also Canada’s POV) ~~~

Waking up, he yawned and smiled. As usual, _____ was awake, and snuggled up to him. “Morning _____. How was your sleep?” he asked softly. She sighed and replied “Good, I’m actually surprised I fell asleep considering how excited I am! Happy Birthday Mattie~!” she squealed and nearly crushed him in a bear hug, laughing and full of energy. Her tousled (h/c) bed hair was cute, and regardless of her enthusiasm she still had the dazed look to her beautiful eyes with (e/c) hues. She finally released him and gave a soft kiss before almost pulling him out of bed. Laughing quietly, he got out of bed and stretched. “Okay, I’ll go make breakfast, you just relax! You can have it in bed if you want too. Oh wait I just pulled you out of bed. Oops. Uh, well you don’t have to do a thing, so you can go back to bed, or watch me cook or whatever, but the pressies and cake is for later!” Giggling, and still in her pyjamas, she rushed out of the room. I love waking to her happy warmth... funny that she won’t let me open the presents till later, wonder what she has planned... I’m sure I would love it anyway... ah well, I want to help cook, I’m already out of bed after all. Walking into the kitchen where _____ had already started preparing the pancake breakfast, he hugged her from behind and asked “Can I help cook too?” She turned to see his face, giving the ‘Narrow-eye-look-of-are-you-sure’ before smiling and saying a drawn out “Fine, if you want...” with mock tediousness. With a look of happiness, he mixed the pancake batter while _____ prepared the pan for the pancakes. I have a feeling this will be the best birthday yet!

~~~ Later that day (Your POV) ~~~

After breakfast and a nice lunch with a few friends and family, both you and Matthew had gotten back home, having a great day. “Alrighty, I think it’s time for presents and cake! One present isn’t until later though. It’s a surprise~” you say as you run off to get the pressies and cake, leaving him in the living room. I can’t wait to see his expression when he sees that cake! At first I thought it would be a bit over the top but it seems to have worked out brilliantly~ Ollie sure knows how to make cakes, I’ll have to remember to go back for other occasions. And the special pressie... I’m blushing just thinking about it! I’m sure he will appreciate it though~ Walking back in, you got the pressie (not the special one for later), and the cake on a porcelain plate. Matthew’s eyes widened at the sight of the cake and you smiled happily placing it in front of him on the coffee table. He was sitting on a cushion, with shock still on his face, when you sat next to him and held out the small wrapped present. “Present first, cake after.” You said with amusement. He turned his face to you, with a touched expression, as he took the gift. Opening it, he had small tears fall from his face, startling you for a moment until you realized they were tears of joy, when he smiled softly. It was a picture frame which you made yourself, decorated carefully and with as much love as you could possibly make something with. The picture was of the both of you covered in maple syrup after a pancake fight, taken not too long after you had started dating. Matthew gently placed it next to the cake, and engulfed you in a literally breathtaking hug. “Mattie... can’t... breathe...” his arms loosened enough for you to take a deep breath, as tears were falling from his face and a bashful smile making you have the warm fuzzies.

You hugged each other for a while before you finally let go and motioned to the cake. “Don’t let the knife hit the bottom or you have to kiss the closest girl~” you said cheekily. Laughing, he deliberately pushed the knife to the bottom and then gave you a swift sweet kiss. You giggled as he cut two rather large slices. You bite into yours and almost melt at the amazing flavour and texture of the delicious cake. “Mmmmmm~ this is gooooooooooooooood” you mumbled with the cake in your mouth. Matthew simply nodded, enjoying the cake too much to speak. Once you had both finished your slices of the maple cake, he said quietly “That cake was so yummy! And all the little frosted maple leaves... I know you didn’t make it but only you could know what I would really love... thank you _____...” You nodded and suddenly felt... a little weird... “O-oh... uh... _____... did you ask for something... else... to be in the cake?” he asked hesitantly. With a confused expression you replied “No... I feel it too though, something was definitely put in the cake which I’m pretty sure isn’t meant to be there... I have no idea what though...” Looking over to Matthew, he had a massive blush and was looking down... he whispered “I think I know...” Eh? How would he know...? Wait. Why is he blushing? Oh. Oh wow. That... no way. “It’s not Viagra, is it?” you ask curiously, and with a sense of dread, knowing that would have to be it. Matthew’s face just got redder as he nodded.
You faceplanted onto the table, and couldn’t decide on laughing or being annoyed that the cake was spiked. It felt really weird... Viagra made guys more ‘lively’ and for girls, it made things a little more interesting... and also made you feel a little more than frisky. Sighing you softly said “Well, I wasn’t planning on letting you have this present yet, but I suppose now is a good time as any. I’ll be right back.” You quickly left the room, almost running to the bedroom where the ‘special’ present was. You undressed, stripping down to complete nakedness, as you got the present out of the bag. It was a matching bra and undies, with matching white fluffy bear ears. It also came with fluffy booties, which looked like polar bear feet, and matching gloves. Yep, it was a sexy polar bear costume. Putting it on, you walked back to the living room where you had left Mattie. He was eating more cake, and almost dropped the slice he was holding when he saw you. “Rawr.” You said, striking a pose. You were feeling slightly nervous wearing it, but more than interested in some ‘fun’. He quickly shoved the rest of the cake in his mouth and once he swallowed he whispered “M-Maple.” He then turned his head away, blushing hotly, and fiddled with his fingers. Even though both of you had already ‘done it’, he was still really shy about the whole thing. It was adorable!

Giggling, you crept up him and tackled him to the ground, which was a rather comfortable carpet. He sounded a yelp from being startled and you were on top of him, positioned in what some would call awkwardly. His eyes widened further as you started to nuzzle your face under his head, giving a rather strong nip on his neck. You began to take his shirt off, while he was defenceless beneath you. “_-_____... je t’aime...” Smiling, you looked into those beautiful eyes of blue and violet hues, and lovingly said “I love you too my sexy Canadian~” You then kissed him, one gloved hand moving down his chest, as the other gave his curl a little tug. He moaned in the kiss, which you took the opportunity to taste his mouth, before he responded with his tongue in a heated battle for who got to taste and explore the other. Slowly and deliberately pulling and smoothing his curl, it wasn’t long before he was whispering sweet words in French, in between kisses and heavy breathing. Your other hand was now removing his pants (thankfully it wasn’t jeans, that would be impossible while wearing gloves), and Matthew’s hands were moving up your hips towards the fluffy bra containing two soft personal marshmallows. “J'ai tellement envie de toi la maintenant.” He whispered, his hot breath on your skin causing a ripple of heat through your body. HOLY SHIT. I have never thought he would say such a thing! Playing with his curl is serious business! Damn... but when he says that in French it just really turns me on... Deciding to play along, you whisper in return “Je suis à toi~”

He shivers beneath you, and his hands slip beneath your bra, teasing you. Whimpering, you move your hand (not the hand toying with the curl) and using your teeth, pull off the glove. The ungloved hand moves down to the large bulge, which is trying to escape the boxers, so you finally remove that last piece of clothing. Matthew, growls slightly, and his hands squeeze hard, causing you to moan in both pain and pleasure. Kissing him once more, your hand caressing his manhood, while the other strokes the curl, his hands retreat from your breasts and grasp your hips tightly. Taking you by surprise, he flips you under him, and removes the underwear. He said softly, “Tu es vraiment mouillée, ma feuille d'erable.” Matthew then without hesitating slips into you in one fluid movement. You gasp in surprise while he sets a fast pace. The gloved hand presses gently on his chest, while your other hand is tangled in his soft blonde hair. Your senses were alight and everything felt heightened, almost making you dizzy. There was little pain, and almost instantly he found the special spot. Small sounds escaped your lips, increasing in volume as the pleasure increased; Matthew’s own moans the accompaniment to the duet. Not sure if the Viagra was to be responsible, not that it mattered, you both were close to the peak of the warm pressure, about to erupt and claim you. It was incredible and felt as if fire had enveloped both of you. Panting for precious air, you embraced Matthew and smiled. “That... is one potent cake...” you whispered. He laughed softly and picked you up bridal style, a thin sheen of sweat from the exertion on his skin. “U-uh... would you like to continue on the bed _____? Only if you want to... I’m worried that you would get carpet burn... I’m still...” he asks, just as you lightly kiss him and giggle softly. “Definitely~” you reply, as he carries you into the bedroom.

~~~ The next day ~~~

For once Matthew was awake before you. “Afternoon _____. Are you a bit sore? You slept for 16 hours...” Blearily, you look over to the worried Canadian. Wow... that was exhausting... good thing we finished that cake though... You smile and close your eyes again, cuddling closer to his warm body. “A little, but I’m fine. Did you enjoy your birthday?” you ask softly. He laughs quietly and kisses you on your forehead lovingly. “Of course I did... you really know how to make me truly happy _____. Thank you, my maple leaf...” he replies, holding you close. “Anything for you Mattie... I’m looking forward to my birthday now~” you whisper, smiling at the thought, before falling back asleep in his arms.

The end~ :D
Well, this can definitely be considered part 4 of my Canada x reader series, and I did promise a friend I would do one more part, and well, since it's Canada's Birthday, I thought 'why not?' (sorry if it's late, timezones are weird) I may have also been humming this song the entire time I was typing this xD… Anyways, hope you enjoy, and please leave comments (because comments are as awesome as Prussia!)
And special guest 2P!England certainly helped, didn't he? :icon2penglandwantsplz:
Also, I'm not translating the French, because that's something to find out with Google Translate (which is what I use so let me know if it is wrong) hehehehheheheh.... EDIT: Has been translated and is in proper French now! Translation below~
You: :iconsexycanada5plz:
Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: :iconsillystorm28: <-- love this piccie btw :D

~~~ EDIT ~~~
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Over 100 comments, over 100 favourites, and nearly 3,000 views... THANKIESSSSSS!!!  :iconsupertackleplz::iconsupertighthugplz::iconletmehugyouplz:

~~~EDIT 2~~~
Woo! I has proper French now :D 
So this is the updated (and correct) French:
"Tu es vraiment mouillée, ma feuille d'erable." = You're so wet, my maple leaf.
"J'ai tellement envie de toi la maintenant." = I want you so much right now.
Thankies to the lovely who let me know~ :iconheaven-eather::iconfriendlymushroomplz:

Also! DUSYGDNUSDKSDSMIDUSHDM Almost 10000 views!? Over 250 favourites!!? Close to 500 comments!!!? EEEHHHHH!? 
You are all so nice I just... :iconexcitedblushplz: Thankies T^T

~~~Edit 3...
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